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"Oh..." Savannah lowered her ears as she debated weather or not she should tell Prescott what happened, but she sighed when she realized that holding her feelings in may not be the best idea. Not now anyway, "A-An anon told me that others p-pity me, and m-my very existence depends o-on the pity of others. And I was a f-fool to believe that it was love..." Putting her head in her hands, she tried her hardest not to break out into tears in front of him.

"Oh, so there was a very definite reason you asked me what the meaning of pity was. Well perhaps everyone does pity you, who am I to say that they don’t? I am not in a position to know how they feel about you. Either way, it does not matter. The way I see it you have three options. Either you can accept that what the anon said is a complete lie and move on with your life, you can accept that what the anon said maybe true and collpase into a heap and sob  or you can accept that it may be the case where others pity you a little and decide to do something to rise above this and prove yourself."


"Is that the mystical cyclops triangle? I have not time for your cryptic nonsense. What good would gold serve me here in wasteland? I do not even know if we have gold that could be mined."

"I-I was w-wondering..." The mouse fiddled with her hands idly as she asked, "C-Could you possibly m-maybe tell me wh-what it means?"

"Pity is when you feel compassion towards another living creature and understand its plight and what it must be going through. It often elads to feelings of sorrow or sadness becuase you epathise with them."

"P-Prescott, do you kn-know what pity means?"

"While many would argue that I do not know such a thing as pity, yes I am familiar with it. What is your point?"

"Yeah I guess so?"

"I cannot say you sound convinced."


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  1. I feel a little more mellow at the moment. I don’t know what is wrong with me.
  2. I had a pet snail for a while when I was a widget. It was a pretty large snail and, considering how small a baby gremlin is anyway, it therefore seemed enormous. I cannot remember what I called it but I am sure it was a very inventive name.
  3. I think my father may have accidentally killed the snail. You see I left it in a pile of vegetation so it could eat. However that vegetation turned out to be what my father was cooking as a gift for my aunt and was then roasted by him over a very hot fire. I cried….a lot.
  4. For a very brief time as an infant I thought I might be a good detective.
  5. I quite like the taste of mangoes.
  6. I find something peaceful about storms. Their destructive force and power reassures me somehow.

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"Heyyy Prescott! How's it been?"

"Tolerable. I am managing. That is all. I assume the same can be said for you."

The Fifinella rapped her hand against the metal door of the Gag Factory, hoping that Prescott would be in and that he would be able to answer quickly. Impatiently rocking on her heels, she occasionally glanced over her shoulder in order to keep an eye on the currently quiet alcove. She did not want to be seen looking like this by any more toons than necessary.

Prescott had been up on the roof of the gag factory fixing the broken air vent when the Fifinella came to the door. It was only by chance that he had stilled his wrench at the right moment that the sound of the rapping on his door was heard. With a small hiss of a sigh Prescott telported down to appear beside his guest. “Yes what is it that you could possibly…” At that point he caught sight of the Fifinella and trailed off. “….want?”