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You are sympathetic,for me,you doing well to hate mickey mouse, oswald etc.... u_u

"I don’t think a general distrust of Oswald and Mickey, as well as Gus, is completely unwarranted. They did get in my way and fail to understand my point of view because it clashed with the idea that they believed to be true at the time. I do not hate them but it is reasonable for me to be a little irked nonetheless."

Hi Prescott :)

"Hmm? Ugh, what is with the constant flow of people today? I’ll never get anything done. Yes, may I help you or are you another person aiming to wile away the hours of daylight with idle chatter?"

((Clemmy wouldn't want to force him. So she'll probably offer to take care of him herself.))

((And that is why Clemmy would probably be the person Prescott would tolerate the most. He is rather stubborn so forcing him would just make him dig his heels into the sand more and more. Her treating him herself would most likely be the most productive and effective way of getting him medical care.))

Oswald watched as the headstrong gremlin attempted to go about his daily tasks with much difficulty. He stumbled about, fumbling with tools and dropping them constantly. He also had a rather bad-sounding cough. "Gosh, Prescott, ya don't seem well. Maybe ya should see a doctor."

Prescott raised his head to meet Oswald’s direction before quickly shaking it. “No, no, no! I am perfectly fine. I have never felt better. There is nothing wrong with me.” He raised his hand to his ribs, trying to ignore the ache inside his chest and upper torso that the constant coughing had caused. “You worry too much. I am not one of your children so you need not coddle me.”

Spade throws Prescott into a cage and takes him to the doctor

"Let me out! This is kidnapping! I demand you release me right this instant or I will remove your lower body and replace it with something animatronic! I am not a gremlin to be trifled with!"

David would try to convince Prescott he has to go, but David's will isn't as strong as that of a stubborn gremlin so that probably won't work.

((Even for a gremlin Prescott is pretty strong willed and stubborn so chances are it won’t go all that well. He’d gain points for trying though.))

"Go to the doctor"

"No! I need no doctor’s opinion and I do not need you smothering me in concern either. I will be fine. I refuse to go!"

For one reason or another, my muse needs to see a doctor. However, they keep stubbornly refusing to go! What does yours do about it?


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Pocket watch necklaces

Sorry. I didn’t mean to.